Saturday, August 10, 2013


After settling into our hotel we promptly blew our the charger for the eePc. We decided to go for a wander in search of the local computer shop. 

Yangshuo is a neat town. Five or so years ago it was probably a backpacker town; less so these days but cool regardless.


After sweating off several pounds we managed to cover the several blocks to the computer store, which naturally didn't have what we wanted.


They assured us they could order it in, but would need a deposit of about $8. Lacking other options we went along with this. Over the next day or so we checked in three or so times; each time the item was en route but late. On the final checkin they still didn't have the replacement but had allegedly tried (unsuccessfully) to fix the original, for which a fee was due. As we had lost the receipt for the deposit anyway we let them keep it.

After dropping off the charger we headed down the main street to the riverside.



The river featured lots of people with articles and/or services to offer, and some awesome boats. PVC pipe is the new bamboo?!


By this point the staggering heat had us staggering rather literally so we pulled into a little bar and had local beer ($1.5!).


Even the locals seemed to be favoring shadier parts of the street. This is the same street, sunny vs shady part (basically looking one way then the other):



The thing about heat and beer is that the latter doesn't really resolve the former for much longer than it lasts. So, after recovering in the bar we took a rather short additional walk and started to feel staggered again. Luckily we found a German bar to recover in!




Luckily the sun was lowering by this time so wandering about was more tolerable. 


(to be continued, due to limits on max size of photos in an email post)

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