Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yangshuo Bike 2 Fuili and Buffalo

Yangshuo bike day pt 3.

Shortly thereafter we reached Fuili. The town and the market were of negligible interest. The highlight was acquiring cold water.


As heat exhaustion seemed suspiciously likely to be imminent we hatched a plot to ride back to the boat launch and charter a ride home. Accordingly we rode back to the turnoff and took the wrong fork. Luckily the new fork was also awesome.


A man and a buffalo were engaged in a battle with the dirt, far across the rice paddies. At great risk to dignity and camera a paddy crossing was conducted.



The reward: buffalo on dirt action! Buffalo evidently are immune to the staggering heat.



Just as the entertainment value of watching the buffalo was dwindling a fire broke out!


After that we decided our entertaining selection of the wrong fork was at an end, retraced our steps, and went the right way. 

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