Saturday, August 10, 2013

Yangshuo (cont'd)

(continuation of previous because when together we overrun email post size limits)

We learned that the police feel the community/police relationship is quite good.


Over dinner we learned Mapo Tofu can be made vegitarian and may feature Sichuan numbing pepper and be VERY spicy. And delicious.


That evening we headed out to see a show apparently by a chap who worked on the olympics. Entry was epic, featuring numerous groups milling about following a leader with a flag. 


We hurried up, then waited for a good twenty minutes. Eventually our group entered, randomly switched flag bearers and milled our way past what by odor was the shite river. Then we were issued tickets with assigned seats and abandoned. Based on the general direction of the crowd we identified where the show was to take place and eventually found our seats. The benefit of the lengthy flag guy following, waiting, and milling was unclear; had they simply given us tickets and told us to go we'd have been much better off.

The show featured much caterwauling, a LOT of performers, and a very cool location. The seating was on land looking out over the water and ringed by illuminated karsts.


Much of the show involved lots of people milling about, either on land or by boat. This was at times quite impressive. Particularly times when the caterwauling was stopped for it. The coolest section involved people on bamboo boats pulling along long bolts of fabric, raising and lowering the fabric, and so on.



There was also a water bufalo and some fanciful structures that may have had great significance to the story.



Night time in Yangshuo is also hot. We retired to our hotel and cranked the AC. This went well up to the point where at something like 2am it started to drip water, waking us up and focing us to turn it off. A couple of hours later the room had become very hot, waking Rod up and forcing him to turn on the AC to be able to sleep again. 

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