Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yangshuo Recovery

Our bike trip had left us very tired, and taken us well into peak staggering heat parts of the day. We abandoned our air conditioned hotel room paradise and went in search of a very late lunch. Turns out intense heat and exercise doesn't make you feel hungry ... but you feel much better after you eat again.


The eggs and tomato and the broccoli with garlic were delicious. The clay pot noodles ... tasted like they *should* have been spicy but had helpfully been relieved of all flavor to avoid inconveniencing the foreigners.

After a brief wander through the streets of Yangshuo we retired for beer. When we left the bar the sky was heavily clouded, wind was picking up, and the locals were removing everything except quite heavy items from the street. And then the sky fell. Torrential downpour in 35C (feels like 42C, per Google) weather. We ran into a nearby bar.


It turned out the bar we were hiding in was run by a brit and featured halfway decent cocktails.


The rain eventually abated.


The hotel, situated in a well known heavy rainfall area, was not waterproof in the traditional sense.


Luckily our new room was quieter, had working AC, and was waterproof in the traditional sense. The scalp was observed to be redder and tenderer than it had been before the bike ride. However, it did not look like any significant burns had been acquired so we deemed ourselves successful and crashed.

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