Sunday, August 4, 2013

Getting Started

Long flights plus time zones is weird. We left 11pm August 3rd, arrived 2am August 5th. The airport has a cool roofline:

As this is a bit early to checkin we decided to chill at the airport for a couple of hours before taxiing to the hotel ( Hooray for the Lei Cafe :D

We caught up on reddit and booked flight/hotel for Yangshuo. 

Once 6am rolled around we found the taxi queue and headed into town (~1hr, 120 yuan metered). Some problems are universal it seems:

The idea of lanes with minimum speed limits is one Vancouver could use!

We arrived at the hotel at 7am or a little thereafter. Front desk and the little alley the rooms are off are both pretty cool.

Front desk was open but our room wasn't quite ready so we crashed at front desk for an hour or so while the room was prepped. As of 8:35am local time we are enroomed and pretty much ready to crash for a couple of hours to recover from the not-so-restful flight.

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