Friday, August 23, 2013

Vienna ... zoo?

On August 20th, our last full day in Vienna, we decided to see the Tiergarten and the zoo, as Vienna has what is said to be the best zoo in Europe.

Our first task was to find food for a non-ruinous price. Luckily at the exit from the metro (yay Vienna card and "free" metro!) there was a donair stand. Less than 10 EUR for two delicious sandwiches and one soda for the coke fiend!

At the entrance to the Tiergarten there was a sign with an orange light and a instructions to exit the gardens and shelter in a building - NOT under the trees - in the event of extreme weather. Upon entering the gardens and their looong walks down tree lanes it was easy to see how one might conclude tree shelter was better than walking a couple of kilometres through "extreme weather" to find a building.

The gardens are huge and suitably imperial. As always everywhere you look there is some sort of palace, maybe a little statue of Neptune, etc.

Look the other way (quite literally turn 180), and naturally there is a palace.

The zoo was imperial. As are many things in Vienna.

Few things beat sucking up lake sludge all day without any need to work beyond posing for tourists.

The treetop walkway was neat. And very reminiscent of ... I think it was Farcry with overhead walkways and mutants. But I digress.

Although it was not cold there were wolves. Quite a few wolves.

And Penguins, doing awesome "flying" through the water demonstrations.

And bigger, more imperial, penguins.

When this guy prowls towards you and starts inspecting the fencing you get the distinct impression he's contemplating your dinner possibilities.

Probably the coolest thing we saw at the zoo was adolescent elephants pushing and shoving.

On our way back we acquired Billa (grocery store) food. Strudel unt beer unt sausage! Good strudel I might add!

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