Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yangshuo Bike 2 Buffalo

Yangshuo bike day pt 2.

Outside of town the road calmed down considerably. 


There was of course the odd burst of trucks or cars but overall it was pretty quiet, with wide bike lanes. Luckily the bike lanes were rarely used as passing lanes on our little section of road.

As the day wore on the pre-staggering heat progressed towards staggering, the gatorade progressed towards empty, and our skepticism about whether we were even going the right way began to grow. Luckily we found a random turn-off with signs for a boat launch, and a local who was able to confirm this was indeed the way to Fuili. Having confirmed we were going the right way we immediately took the turn off to see what might be there. What was there was reasonably awesome: rice paddies amid the karsts.


What wasn't there was shade.


And then we found shade, a cool vehicle, and a river!



Naturally we raced through the shade to get to see the river, only to find it to be abundant in ducks and water buffalo!


Slightly up-river there was some sort of boat launch.


Down-river was a man in a hat and open space and what presumably was one of the man in the hats many buffalo!




Some of the buffalo were in danger of sinking. We did not go to their aid.


By this point the heat had reached staggering so we headed back up the path to the main road.


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