Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yangshuo Boat Ride Home

A boat launch was discovered, prices were negotiated, and then we were off!



The river contained spear bandits but none dared to assail our modern bamboo warship.


Initially we had the river to ourselves.



This was boring so we experimented with a game of rock the boat until request to desist by the pilot.


Regrettably the bikes blocked some of the best seating on the boat.


As we got closer to Yangshuo we began to see more and more boats and riverside bars and bazaars.


Eventually we got back to down and deboated. The lovely blue one in the foreground was ours.


Upon returning to the hotel front desk assured us our dripping AC was fixed. Upon entering our room we discovered the repair person had left an additional power card and had left the AC going, perhaps as a test run. The not inconsiderable puddles beneath it seemed to suggest it wasn't strictly speaking fixed so we negotiated a change in rooms to one whose only apparent problem was a strong tendency to auto-engage the TV when the power card was inserted, typically on some sort of loud kung fu cartoon channel.

We were by this point rather literally staggering, *drenched* in sweat, and exhausted. And pumped about the buffalo. Water buffalo are just awesome.

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