Thursday, August 15, 2013

Warsaw to Krakow

On Sunday August 11th the sun rose over our last day in Warsaw. This represented a dramatic improvement in weather conditions.

Unfortunately Sunday also meant everything opened late. This, combined with our recent east to west travel, meant we woke up WAY before much of anything was open. So we warjacked and posted some photos.

This consumed enough time that cafes began to open. Decent coffee! Take that China! Yangshuo was awesome but ... so is coffee.

Coffee and cake took long enough that restaurants started to open. After a few false starts we managed to order breakfast. This cost less than two cups of bad coffee in the Guilin airport.

There was also bread but it didn't survive to photo time.

We went to the park around the tomb of the unknown soldier, on purpose this time. Unfortunately the tomb was walled off and in the center of a construction site.

The area around was quite nice still.

The old town square was much nicer with less water from the sky.

Church was in session but there were no more seats so we found alternate amusement.

Curiously we felt tired and sluggish after. Probably the heat was getting to us.

The Poles have astutely recognized that Copernicus is a boss.

And then it was time for Krakow. The toilet was paid. This is a regular and always slightly aggravating condition. However, the bathrooms you get access to in this manner are typically quite clean and devoid of smelling like pee so it's not all bad.

Chris was, evidently, very excited about the train.

Train calisthenics were performed.

The countryside rivalled Germany for bucolism.

Leaning out of the train windows turned out to be awesome.

Eventually the train arrived and we checked in at the Hotel Francusci. The bathroom in Hotel Francusci was ... epic. The kind of epic that makes you wonder if there is water pressure, lead pipes, or indeed functionality at all. Be ye shower or rotary phone?

The key was about 8lbs of metal. We took the slug off the key to facilitate transport.

Krakow was purty.

Dinner was interesting - never had herring and capers this way before - and epic in blandness. Somehow they removed the duck flavor from Chris' duck, produced ultra-mild capers, etc. And who serves perogies without any sort of side?!

Where is the bacon?!

The beer was very decent. After dinner it was time to climb from floor 0 to floor 4 on the not the least bit ostentatious stairs.

The Hotel Francusci defines "faded grandeur".

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