Thursday, August 15, 2013

Leaving Krakow

On our last day in Krakow we decided to see a few more coffee shops and a few last exhibits. Our feet were feeling the effect of days of walking on stone so coffee time was rather prolonged.

Can't fault the view.

We also tried "red" (rooibos) espresso, which smells *amazing* and tastes ok. Good if you add sugar.

Next we hit up the apothecary museum. This is apparently going for some sort of reverse marketing; it is very easy to walk past without noticing.

The apothecary museum was far better than expected. Tons of scales and pots of weird stuff and slicers and mixers and such across five floors.

A person weighing device!


Only the finest unicorn horn.

In the attic, fragrant dried things, scales, and a myriad of slicers and crushers and weighers.

Next we walked south a few kilometres in search of Schindler's factory. Along the way we came across the square where the Germans broke up furniture looking for hidden goods.

And eventually the factory.

The factory is the best narrow focus museum/exhibit we've ever seen. A very well executed combination of multi-media, artifacts, sound effects, and exhibits of many varieties keeps you rapt. Some of the matter of fact accounts written by children are particularly chilling.

A Polish scout tank. Only with its heaviest armament options was this a match for even a German light tank. It was never a match for a main battle tank.

The proclamation to the university was also quite striking.

And an image of a practice we'd never heard of: marriage to soldiers in absentia.

The real Schindler.

The Schindler factory and the apothecary museum are both fantastic exhibits; very happy we made it to see them.

As it was adjacent we also popped into the museum of contemporary art. The thing about contemporary art is that it hasn't yet experienced enough selection cycles. Eventually 99% of it will be tossed and a few good pieces will survive. Hopefully.

As the walk to Schindler's hadn't helped our footsoreness much we stopped to write post cards. An excuse for more coffee shop goodness!

For dinner, Georgian food! They have their own variant of the soup dumpling, and they know about seasoning food!

Finally, overnight train to Budapest time.

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