Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yangshuo Bike 2 Bridge

Yangshuo bike day pt 1.

The morning of August 7th we headed out to confirm that our eeePc charger hadn't arrived (but would be there "soon" ofc). At least we saw a pretty lotus.


After that we bought some gatorade and rented the finest bikes in town, suitable for individuals in the 5'4" through 5'10" height range. For individuals in the well over 6' bracket knee-handlebar contact, particularly on turns, was a constant threat.


Upon realizing we had no sunscreen we purchased the strongest - and only - variety available: a local SPF 30. This was almost certainly a choice that prevented much peeling.

Our goal was to bike out to the nearby town of Fuili, primarily to see the views along the way. The town market, which runs every third day, was also said to be in session.

Biking in town was entertaining. Other bikes, motorcycles, motorcycle powered carts, cars, trucks, scooters, and tour buses competed for attention with the pre-staggering morning heat and the suspiciously near mechanical failure noises from the bikes. The upside was the breeze generated by moving was pleasant and the views were nice.


Just outside of town there is a boat shelter that doubles as a river crossing for wheeled conveyances.


We stopped on it.


Boats of modern bamboo were to be seen.



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