Friday, September 13, 2013

Van Gogh Museum

Some pictures from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.

Netmenders in the Dunes


The discus thrower

Still life by Anton Mauve


Two woman on a heath

Potato digging

Head of a prostitute


Quinces, lemons, pears, and grapes

Vase with Chinese asters and gladioli

Trees on a slope

he Seine, morning by Charles Angrand

Bulb fields and windmills near Rijnsburg by Claude Monet

Courtesan: after Eisan

Portrait of Pere Tanguy

Bridge in the rain: after Hiroshige

The yellow house


The bridge at Courbevoie

The pink orchard

The pink peach tree

The white orchard

Fishing boats on the beach at Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

Seascape near Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

The harvest


Newly mown lawn with a weeping tree

Farmhouse in a wheatfield

Farmhouse in a wheatfield

The entrance to the Pawn Bank, The Hague

London sketches, Sunday afternoon, 1pm: waiting for the public house to open

Soup distribution in a public soup kitchen

Landscapes with houses

Vase with cornflowers and poppies

Flowering plum orchard: after Hiroshige

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Almond blossum

Blossoming chestnut trees

Daubigny's garden


Daubigny's garden

Wheatfield under thunderclouds

Wheatfield with crows

Landscape at twighlight

Portrait of Julian 'Pere' Tanguy

Landscape at Pont-Aven

The sower


Peasent woman binding sheaves (after Millet)

The sheaf-binder (after Millet)

The reaper (after Millet)

Peasent woman bruising flax (after Millet)

The thresher (after Millet)

The woodcutter (after Millet)

The sheep shearer (after Millet)

Evening (after Millet)

The good samaritan by Laurens

Fountain in the garden of the asylum


Wheatfield with a reaper

View of the Apilles

Snow-covered field with a harrow (after Millet)

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