Sunday, September 15, 2013

Berlin Day 1

September 5th we got up and headed out for an adventurous day of admiration of civic works.

The train system really is awesome. Why can't the Americas have more of them; there have to be routes that would make sense (the populous coastal areas come to mind).

We set off in search of stuff. We found bridges. Berlin has more water than expected.

Germans are famous for putting out towels to hog lounge chairs in resorts the world over. It's even a thing at home!

Berlin helpfully locates various museums right beside the Hauptbahnof. Less helpfully they like you to get advance reservation to get in, which is ludicrously organized and convenient unless you showed up without doing any advance planning.

Bunch of clowns.

Living up to stereotypes ftw!

Brandenburg Gate is right nearby as well.

What appears to be a scene from Asterix adorns the top.

That's me!

Near Brandenburg Gate people gather to share their opinions on things.

Also there was what appeared to be a genie, presumably from a bottle.

My goodness, the stairs ... they move! Hurry up guys!!

We set off to see the Berlin Wall. We found some graffiti and some music.

Long live Yaam.

The other (east) side of the wall has more artsy art.

And ... advertising?

It's hard not to love a place that takes it's beer seriously. Hence Belgium and Germany are awesome

At the Hofbrau Munchen we stopped for a ... pint is not the right word. Because it's Europe and they use proper units. It's a liter damnit.

German wine is also pretty good. Their beer and wine both go down very easy; designed for quaffing in large quantities.

And of course with a few liters of beer you want a LOT of meat. And the bierhaus will provide.

No meat left behind, right?

Well... sadly we had only one finisher.

After entering meat coma the only sensible thing to do is to try additional hues of beer (or wine for Pavan).

Many liters later it got dark.

Apparently I then took my bags somewhere. Not quite sure where or why but someone deemed it photo-worthy.

Apparently we headed somewhere with baggage and someone took a picture of it.

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