Monday, September 16, 2013

Berlin day 2

The next day in the not exactly early morning, after swearing off beer forever, we went to the train station to see the mechanical horse.

A walk in the park seemed about our speed.

It may have been the bad part of town; are those bullet holes?

Not far away we found cozy little cottage.

It turns out winged victory is everywhere. That's one there!

It's tiring going up. This is predictable. Perhaps we could resolve the problem by adding a nice landing with some pictures?

Like most things in the area, the place was shot up.

Pavan worked out the number of stairs to the top. Then decided not to climb up.

Germans are very organized. Obviously some clown will wonder "but what if I defaced the monument?" And the result is made clear: the statue comes to life, insults, and most likely kills you. So don't.

On the landing things are, of course, shot up.

They ARE ants!

Although appealing at a glance, the street market is a lie. It's hot, expensive, and horribly repetitive.


There's a beer for that!

Wurst ftw.

Big flower.

And with that it was time for some to head home whilst others stayed for another week or so. To the airport to fly home and to the train to Prague respectively! That probably explains why we were together with our bags at the Hauptbahnof...

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