Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brussels to Amsterdam

September 3rd we planned to head from Ghent to Amsterdam. But first, those who haven't castled must be sent to the castle.

Really? You are sending me to a torture museum in a castle?!

To the castle then.

The water was still that day.

We found less classy Ghent graffiti.

And then it was time to head to Amsterdam. A quick(ish) train ride later and we had arrived! The instant we stepped out of the train station we smelled weed. I suppose you could say it lived up to it's reputation?

We checked into our hotel and headed out to try to see the Anne Frank museum as it stays open fairly late. Our first sight was an angle field, which turns out to be the roof for a grocery store (a popular and good spot to get cheap food/drink, including VERY good fresh juice).

Naturally we had to ascend. Next we walked through a tunnel through the Rijksmuseum.

We made to cross a canal but got sidetracked admiring a cool building.

See, a side-tracked Pavan.

While Bruges and Ghent both have respectable canals Amsterdam is much more serious about it. Someone at some point declared they were to have equal canals to streets and they stuck to it. The damn things are *everywhere*. They are beautiful, and somewhat detrimental to navigation as you are often unable to go directly to where you want to go.

I just have to get to that corner...

Small cars do well in Amsterdam. It is hard to imagine a North American style SUV or pickup driving these streets.

I don't think I'll fit...?

We decided to stop for dinner at a Turkish place. Sadly we fell into the trap of eating too much bread and sauce before our food arrived.

Food was very hearty and nobody really managed to finish.

The gentlemen adjacent to us was enjoying something that looked like light Turkish coffee. He noticed our curiousity and we had a nice chat about his beverage and the political situation in Istanbul. It turned out he was drinking Turkish tea. We had to try! And it turned out to be complimentary, which was complimentary.

After dinner we continued on in search of Anne Frank.

Soon enough we found it.

They ask you don't photograph so we didn't. It is a very good exhibit. Given the subject matter it is both educational, fascinating, and rather depressing. More depressing than Auschwitz in some ways; our minds perhaps have trouble with large numbers but can firmly grasp the horrible existence this girl endured leading up to her untimely death.

On the way home we saw graffiti.

Including the modern Egyptian inspired variety.

Cool window shutters, bro.

And back through the Rijksmuseum and home.

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