Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Prague Day 1

Our Prague hotel was quite nice. Eastern Europe is good that way.

The smell was growing alarming. Accordingly we decided it was time to explore the famous Prague laundry scene.

The laundromat provided computers of a highly modern, moderately sticky, and totally secure/unlikely to steal your accounts nature. They were at least capable of providing civilized entertainment while waiting.

The laundromat turned out to be near a modest church.

Nearby there were some not strictly unimpressive additional buildings.

In addition to be decorated, it's awesome how adjacent buildings change color and facade rather than being tiresome clones.

Near the church was an inexpensive show. The old chap was actually quite decent and the blue chair ... was one hell of a blue chair.

Next up was Wenceslas Square. The first thing that really caught our eye was a bronze cross commemorating a student who torched himself as a protest.

This is near Wenceslas Monument and the National Museum.

Wenceslas Square is neither small nor not crowded.

H&M seems much more impressive with columns.

If you like absinthe this is a good place.

Perhaps you like your absinthe in slushy format?

About 20% of the shops in Prague sell Bohemian Crystal. I really wanted some scotch decanters but they seemed awkward to carry and were quite expensive.

North-west of Wenceslas Square things get a bit older. There is even an Old Town Square. Crowds gather constantly to not understand an astrological clock. We joined in.

The buildings, as always, were awesome.

Fresh squeezed juice and little packs of fruit ftw!

Want to up the manliness of a room? Just add a boarhide!

The Czech Republic isn't quite a Germany or a Belgium but they have some damn good beer and meat of their own.

I enjoy remembering what I ate so ... food photo time! The food tends to be hearty and delicately flavored. Bland would be too strong; it is delicious but nothing strongly seasoned to see here. The local variant of goulash is really good. But then goulash is always good. Just calling something a goulash makes it better.

After a fairly late lunch we wandered some more. As always the facades were impressive.

Once the drinks get flowing this seems like a great spot for a brawl.

Near Prague's Jewish Quarter is a novel Franz Kafka statue.

Eventually we meandered our way to the Vltava river. Across it things of interest stretched on for a good distance. Prague has a hell of a lot of stuff to see, eat, drink, and listen to.

Speaking of listening to, we had no time to cross this bridge (until the next day) because it was classical music time!

The room was painted to look like a much nicer room. It worked surprisingly well.

The group played and it was good. Very good.

Wenceslas Square by night was less crowded and more awesome. Except for the dudes who constantly come to try to sell you adult entertainment.

From the south-eastern end of Wenceslas Square we set off for the hotel.

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