Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brussels for a day

September 1st was our main Brussels day. We set out bright and early. By stair, as the ancient fancy lift was dead.

Our first objective was to locate the Delirium Cafe, noted for having well over 2,000 types of beer available.

Complete with a Guiness award, naturally.

We had intended to just *find* Delirium but having found it and gawked at the menu it was impossible to resist a sample. Or two. Breakfast beer!

Turns out the entire area is Delirium!

Brussels, like much of Belgium and indeed much of Europe features delicious and cheap kebab shops everywhere.

Our friends, newly arrived in Europe were amazed at every little thing.

We realized we might have become a bit jaded. "Just another cathedral; seen 3 better ones in the last week" :D The main square was quite nice.

At times nobody could agree which way to look.

There was even a nice rest area.

With a nice view of an old thing.

We also saw an original jerry can!

Beggers in Brussels seem to like to resort to dogs.

A door to a mysterious place.

Soon we came upon a church.

Quick, before it gets away!

Can't go wrong with stained glass. Or painted glass. Many of the recent (last 100ish years) conversions from clear glass to "stained" are actually done by painting it.

The interior, as always, was quite impressive. Even if it was our Nth of the week.

Even shopping malls are fancy in Brussels.

And, of course, Tintin!

We even got to buy volumes you can't generally get in any old store in the Americas: Tintin in the land of the Soviets and Tintin in the Congo. The latter comes with a nice warning about how it "reflects the attitudes of the times and may be offensive by modern standards".

Coffee is ... ok ... in Belgium. Better elsewhere really.

Our investigative team was called out to determine where we could eat.

They did a good job. Congratulations were awarded.

Be of good cheer.

And good ... leer?

The selectors turned out to have done a good job; food was quite decent.

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