Saturday, September 18, 2010


Windows all in now!
Unfortunately we have to swap out the large ground floor windows as they were not supposed to have muntin and they somehow showed up with it.

A great deal of wiring is in, including the majority of the ethernet cables (hooray!)

The majority of the light fixtures are in. Here are some from the master bedroom:

Ethernet and coaxial are in place for where the TV will sit on the wall in the greatroom. This will be bumped out slightly all the way up.

The light fixtures in the open area with high ceilings downstairs are in. Replacing light bulbs is going to be awesome.

The light fixtures are mostly in outside as well, most notably under the gables:

The piping for the vacuum system is roughed in:

Oh ... and the garage doors are in. We thought we'd grabbed a nice photo with the garage doors down but it turns out that was a figment of our imagination; we actually only got the horrible shot below.

Inching closer to move-in time!

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