Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Roof and Windows!

Since last visit (see post) a lot of progress! The roof is fully on:

Windows are going in today; in fact of the many people at work several were actively doing this during our visit. The windows for the front of the house sitting upstairs just prior to placement:
The western front:
The eastern front:

The window for the master bedroom deck just before placement:

We quite like the result of high ceilings and large windows in the great room:

The great room windows as seen from the yard:

This *is* a city home so we had to have at least one window that looks directly sideways at the neighbors.

For bathrooms with tubs the tubs are now in place:

In the master bathroom we're going for two independent shower-heads in a 6'x3' space and an particularly thick glass wall. None of this is in yet.

The joys of working with a high ceiling; plus a view of how the half-wall separates the dining room from the kitchen, breakfast nook, and great room:

The stairs up from the kitchen level to the dining room and entrance are now present:

The ducting and heating is in full swing:

Apparently we should have doors with locks and then garage doors quite soon, at which point it will be somewhat harder for random people to come stroll through. We haven't had any problems but some sites have enough people enthused about visiting they have to hire security.

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