Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jagroanian Pajamas

After seeing the Golden Temple on the 11th (see post), on February 12th we hung out in Jagroan. Pavan got to catch up with her family and we got to wander around a bit, see a "small" (100k+) town, and relax fairly off the tourist track.

Breakfast as always was the best chapati known to mankind, consumed outside in the morning sun.

We finally trapped the master chef for a photo by getting her into a conversation with Pavan. It took some doing but we eventually even got her to look at the camera and smile!

In the back of the property Pavan's father had a fairly substantial crew at work building a new structure onto the house. It was in the early stages during our visit; it ultimately rose up to several stories.

In keeping with our morning photo-ambush theme, we next jumped a lady helping out with laundry. As always the smile took a coax or three.

It then turned out the whole family was around! The old chap on the right tended to insist on helping (as in doing) with carrying buckets of hot water to the shower. This made Rod feel a little uncomfortable but Rod trying to help seemed to be some sort of unthinkable horror so eventually we gave up on carrying our own buckets. The little boy in red was terrified of Rod until peek-a-boo was played. After comfort was gained, the kid demonstrated an exciting game consisting of standing on a concrete platform about 18" off the ground, jumping off, and ... basically falling on his face. And then repeating.

After a hard-working morning of photo-ambushing we (read: Pavan) decided to go shopping. We headed off a short drive to a more shopping friendly area. Near the shopping area we saw some sacred cows whose living conditions were questionable.

Pavan and her mother seemed to enjoy scarf, sari, and whatever the heck else shopping a great deal.

During this time Rod went for a stroll through Jagroan shopping street. Crossing said street was exciting. On the plus side, just like on previous strolls near the family home, nobody harassed the lone white boy. And Rod really was the *only* white person. Many people gawked, a kid nearly fell of his bike staring, but nobody begged, pushed rickshaws harder than they did on any other person, or anything else so it was really very nice. A much more "authentic" feel than the more touristy stops.

Still, if a herd of goats can manage it, how bad can it be?

Apparently you can ride on the top of busses. We never managed to actually do this ourselves :(

The usual assortment of cars, autorickshaws, tractors, man-pulled-carts, motorcycles, horses, and so on were present, plus a larger form of the autorickshaw. This beast sports an external motor for convenient servicing and can fit something like 25 people.

At the Jain Saree Centre we whimsically decided to procure a "corta pajama" (spelling surely wrong) for Rod. Six meters of fabric (a little more than usual!) cost something like $8 CAD.

We returned home with our purchases and a runner was sent for the tailor. A 20-something chap showed up a little while later, took Rods measurements, and promised to deliver the first outfit in a few hours. This home service measurement, tailoring, and delivery cost another $5 or so, bringing the cost per garment up to $12 or 13. Sweet.

And here is the final Pajama!

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