Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last call for Jagroan

February 13th was our last day in Jagroan. It was a slightly dreary morning so the fire to warm shower water was quite welcome.

After breakfast we got to play with a rifle Pavan's father bought ages before. Recognizing that negotiating with a woman with a rifle is inadvisable, Pavan's father retreated.

The previous evening we had packed some stuff away in a large chest belonging to Pavan's mother. When we went looking for it we found a whole series of rugs. These turned out to have been hand-woven by Pavan's mother many, many years ago. Apparently four massive posts are set in the ground and then two woman weave between them for four weeks or more. 

After this it was time to tour the lands. Specifically the fields owned by Pavan's family. We said goodbye to the family dog (a beautiful former police dog), crammed into a very small car, and headed out.

The area was full of fields separated by raised roadways just barely sufficient for a small car. Most of the fields were growing green things. After green things the next most popular thing was growing bricks. You would think one brick factory would supply a large area ... but then how would you explain the existence of so very many brick fields?

And with that our time in Jagroan came to an end. Next stop Chandigarh!! Rumored to be unique among Indian cities in that it possesses both significant resemblance to the city plan AND sane traffic!!!

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