Friday, November 6, 2009

Live from Sculpting In Time Cafe

The Sculpting In Time Cafe is our new favorite place. We came for dinner and found that for five bucks they serve "american breakfast" all day! They also have wireless and are located ten paces from the rather limited English books section of the bookstore nearest our apartment. We both LOVE breakfast at non-breakfast hours so this made our day, at the end of a day that was already pretty good. Tomorrow we plan to putter around the city and then at 2pm we are meeting Colin for a bike ride around the city walls.

Rod also discussed plans with a co-worker to bike to ChangAn and to hike Mount Hua. The notion of biking to ChangAn is a bit curious as to the best of our knowledge Chang'an refers to Xi'an itself. Around a thousand years ago when it was most recently capital it's name was Chang'an so we're not too sure where this bike ride goes but apparently it's around 20 miles and quite pleasent. Mount Hua is legendarily steep and treacherous but if we can find a suitable day (eg not wet or icy) we're going to take a shot at it. It is supposedly fantastically photogenic and quite rewarding.

We also need to do a bit of research into what weekend trips we might want to take once we exhaust the stuff within immediate reach.

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