Thursday, November 5, 2009

All power to ... somewhere else!!

Woke up this morning and turned on the shower to let the hot water warm up, walked over to the other bathroom, flipped on the lights and ... it's still dark. Seems odd. Maybe it's because most switches are backwards here. Nope ... still nothing. Wander around the house trying switches, seems we have no power. Call Chris from Active, get some confused explanation about going out the "gate" and looking at the switch. Eventually figure out this means "door" and go look; sounds like our power is prepaid and we've used it up. Cash from Active needs to put more money on the account but his phone is off. #$##. Ghetto showering is accomplished via the gas range and a pot of hot water and then it's work time. At least the hot water meant we got morning coffee.

The cabbie to work seems confused. He drives an odd route, tries repeatedly to let me out at the wrong spot. Eventually I spot the "village" we've been going to lunch, which is several blocks past the office!! Through an exciting combination of gestures and mimed driving I convince him to go back towards where work actually is and manage to get dropped off at the back of the office building complex. I have to walk all the way around front because I don't have a back door code but at least I'm finally here. Clearly today is gonna be a good day!! Hopefully Cash will arrive at work soon so we can get the power turned back on. If he's out for the day we have real problems as it's Friday and going without power all weekend would be seriously inconvenient.

Pavan just popped online so evidently the internet is on still, though only for so long as her laptop battery holds out (55% and counting...).

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