Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stoned Nosing

The stair nosings are custom stained to match the flooring. Usually they look like they are a slightly different shade than the floor; we were pleasantly surprised to discover the stainer did a pretty outstanding job matching the floor color - much better than we've seen in other places.

Our railings are mostly in and most of the wood around the half wall looking from dining room into kitchen/breakfast nook/greatroom is in place.

The most fiddly part of the flooring is the nosing on the step down from the breakfast nook to the greatroom. It should be done today!

In the greatroom the facade on the fireplace is going in:

Finally outside some much darker and presumably more plant-friendly dirt is being added to fuel the grass. Grass evidently comes in rolls. The front pillars are getting sheathed in what looks to us like chicken coop, which helps concrete adhere, which in turn helps the final rock facade to adhere.
We might be able to start moving in as soon as next week! This would however mean we go in before it is 100% done so whether we run with that idea remains to be seen.

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