Sunday, December 19, 2010

Behind Door 42

42 in the address; what more could one ask for!

Perhaps a new door?

Behind the new door we find a counter, a sink, and faucetry (new word?) in the upstairs washroom!

The laundry room now has a sink and some cabinets and no washer or dryer. Probably we should buy such things. All I want for Christmas is a stacking washer and dryer? Hmm ... no, that would be a bald-faced lie. And as we all know lying whilst unshaven is significantly easier.

In the master bathroom more faucetry is on display. We initially wanted an elaborate and rather expensive system but then it dawned on us all we really wanted was a lot of water flow. Our solution: the master bathroom has multiple water hookups (term?), each feeding an independent shower-head. This should give us crazy water flow. Eat it overly complex and expensive shower systems! 

The master bedroom deck has gained some tiles:

And last but not least the kitchen is sinked:

Ever closer to move-in day!!

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