Sunday, December 20, 2009

Look on and do nothing

Our apartment in Xi'an had some signs advising one on how to behave on the grounds.

Our favorite by far was the advice to keep off the lawn:

Look on and do nothing

Also present were "Keep off the lawn" and "warning: please keep away". It isn't clear why some areas of the lawn are dangerous enough to need sterner warnings than others.

Another sign gave such advice as avoid trees in thunder storms. Perhaps if a forest springs up without dislodging the sign this will come in handy.

Care for the plant no stamping on the pack
No throwing objects in high sky thay's candem, ned
Traffic in, order parking
Please raise pets legally and don't disturb others
Public spaces, do not occupy
Do not stand under a tree in the thunder storm
The enfant Dlay, need aecompany byadult
Slow and steady, wins the rhe race, make a great

Nearby was the local laundromat "AiHospital Laundry"

No doubt a pet cemetery was nearby.

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