Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Further Adventures of Da Pan Jie

December 3rd.

Pavan loves Da Pan Jie (big dish chicken) and we'd heard there was a restaurant that makes an outstanding version so we went to check it out. The first thing we noticed on arrival was people clustering around a big dish of rice and stuff outside.

Although we'd come specifically for Da Pan Jie we had to try this! It proved to be quite delicious. It has a very pervasive flavor from being cooked for hours and hours. We don't recall the name but it comes with very tender and tasty meat in the wonderful rice.

The Da Pan Jie showed up shortly after. It was wonderful. The seasoning was definitely done a bit better than Nan Yao Tou.

In typical fashion no parts of the chicken were wasted.

The restaurant also had skewers for 0.5 to 3 RMB ($0.08 to $0.5) so we got a bunch. The skewered chicken wing was new to us but seems a very convenient way to cook them. The skewered liver wasn't to our taste but the locals liked it.

Naturally after you've eaten some Da Pan Jie it is necessary to put some mian into the sauce.

Pavan's first day of not having to study in a while off to a good start!

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