Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moved In!

This is basically done, right:

We figured things were ready enough so after a savage clean we started moving odds and ends Saturday the 15th, movers came on the 16th and the 16th was our first night in!

Rod's favorite feature by a rather wide margin is the smartbox connected to ethernet outlets in five rooms.

This is so awesome we actually already wish we'd had even more put in!

A key to move-in success turns out to be paper-that-smells-like-cheese. Keeps movers from having to track dirt everywhere ;)

In order to get things moved in fast without tracking in too much dirt for most items we had the movers carry stuff into the paper-covered area and then Rod would run the box to the appropriate room for Pavan to begin to unpack. It turns out moving the boxes in takes far less time than unpacking them so everything rapidly began to be covered in boxes:

In the end the mother-in-law suite wound up being about the only place not infested with boxes:

A fence has miraculously appeared too:

As we moved the gardeners were busy installing little trees and shrubs so now we seem to own a row of small trees too.

So nice to finally move in!!!

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