Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dry walls!

Insulation (see post) is more or less done. Drywall is in the early stages of installation:

The addition of drywall definitely makes it feel more like being in a house. Curiously it actually makes some rooms 'feel' much larger. The half-wall looks more half-wallish too.

Looking out from the dining room, over the half-wall:

The fireplace in the greatroom, over which the tv mount will likely go, is now apparent:

In the greatroom the final ceiling shape is now apparent:

Heading upstairs, we can see the vault in the master bedroom, and once again admire the weird L-shape of the neighbor:

Oh and evidently we have running water:

Apparently drywall and mudding and sanding and other related tasks will take a couple of weeks. The optimistic estimate for move-in is end of November.

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