Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who says you need to speak Chinese in China!

I started my Monday morning like normal - said goodbye to Rod and waited for the cleaner to come to the apartment.

Next, I head to the nearby street to get a taxi to the office. Walking along the busy street my senses are on full alert as I am carefully looking and listening for scooters or cycles on sidewalks or a car driver deciding not to follow the rules. I have practiced saying the name of the street on which the office is located: "Fu Xing."

Feeling confident I stand in the morning traffic and get a taxi. Step 1: success! I then go on and tell the driver where I would like to go, he gives me a "I don't understand look." I then pull out my sheet with written Chinese of where I want to go, show it to him, and rapidly realize he doesn't know where this is. Afraid of being kicked out of the cab, I quickly use my hands to show the direction I would like to go. He nods and puts the meter down, yay for not being kicked out!

I manage to direct the taxi driver by showing straight, left and right with my hands to get to the office. At one point, I'm not sure where we are, but I know the general direction - we manage to get to the office in a reasonable time and price. We both laugh and high five each other.

Good start to a good day!!

-- Pavan.

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joey said...

lol. I didn't know you have had such a fantastic morning Pavan. Did I write a "hard to tell" Chinese note? :)


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